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  • SPANISH RUBY - D8948

    32 ACP; 10% blue, poor bore, good grips, 3 5/8'' barrel, Little finish remains. Scattered light pitting. Firing pin will not drop. Has an FN magazine most likely from a M1922 pistol which seems to feed cartridges fine. Includes leather holster which...

  • BAYARD 1908 - D7882

    BAYARD 1908 - D7882

    32 ACP; 96% blue, Good bore, good grips, rig with original military WW1 issue leather holster, matching, top of right grip has a small piece missing, s/n 2614xx

  • CZECH CZ 27 - D14500

    CZECH CZ 27 - D14500

    32 ACP; 80% blue, excellent bore, fair grips, 3.75'' barrel, Original blue finish and checkered plastic grip. No serial, nazi test proof on the barrel chamber only. Stamped along the top of the slide "BOHMISCHE WAFFENFABRIK A.G. IN PRAG" and on the left...

  • CZECH CZ 27 - C28021

    CZECH CZ 27 - C28021

    32 ACP; 99% blue, 99% straw, good bore, good grips, 3.75'' barrel, Nazi proofed, reblued metal finish, restrawed trigger, original checkered plastic one piece grip. Matching serial number slide. Nazi proofed eagle/WaA76 on right side of frame a bit...

  • SAUER 38H - D14515

    SAUER 38H - D14515

    32 ACP; 90% blue, excellent bore, very good grips, 3 3/8'' barrel, Early production with original high polish blue finish and checkered plastic grips. Commercial crown/N proofs. Original fixed sights and proper factory magazine. It is noted that in Cates...