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Why Consignment With Simpson Ltd. Is Better Than Auctioning Your Guns!

If you let us sell your guns on consignment, our fee is only 20%. We will take the best possible pictures for our website, which gets over 10,000 hits a day from all over the world. Your guns will be priced at fair retail prices and they can start selling immediately. Checks for your sold items are sent out on the 20th of each month the following month after they are sold.  Consignors please note that if an item is marked sold, it does not mean it has been paid and shipped that month.  We do offer 30 day layaway for items over $500 and sometimes customers mail checks to avoid the 3% credit card fee.  So therefore, some items are not actually paid/shipped until the following month.

Auction companies need months to catalog your guns and get them into an auction. They get a commission from the buyer and the seller that can add up to 30%. And there is no guarantee that they will sell for a fair price. In the end, you can wait many months to get only 50% or less of your guns' real value. You may not receive payment until months after the auction.

Our consignees usually get more money, and they start receiving that money much faster. When you receive your monthly check, you will also receive a remaining inventory statement.

When we inspect your guns, we will arrive at a price that is agreeable to both of us. We will never sell your guns for less. You can send us your guns, or you can bring them to our shop. For large collections, we may be available to come inspect and pick up your collection. You will receive a receipt stating what guns we have on consignment, and what the agreed selling prices will be. You are free to retrieve your guns that have not been sold or are on hold.

Your guns will be stored at our shop in Galesburg, Illinois. We have both a state of the art security system with video surveillance and a sprinkler system to prevent fire.

For a copy of our Consignment Intake form, click here.

Brad Simpson explains our simple and transparent consignment process in this video.